9-12-2013 7:25 p.m. Current Road Closure Information

All Boulder County residents are asked to stay inside and off the roads tonight and tomorrow. Driving conditions are dangerous and roads are impassable in many areas. Please don't drive unless absolutely necessary and avoid driving through floodwaters.

• Boulder Canyon Drive between Boulder and Nederland
• US 36 from McCaslin Boulevard to Flatiron Crossing
• CO 93 (South Foothills Highway) from Greenbriar Boulevard to Eldorado Springs Drive
• Sunset Street from Boston Avenue to Donovan Drive
• Hover Street from Rogers Road to 3rd Avenue
• Ute Highway from 75th Street to McCall Drive
• Hygiene Road from North 75th Street to Crane Hollow Road
• North 75th Street from St. Vrain to Hygiene
• Airport Road from St. Vrain to 9th Avenue
• US 287 from Ken Pratt to Boston Avenue
• 39th Street from Ogallala to Plateau Road
• CO Road 7 from Middle Fork to Plateau Road
• North 95th Street from Valmont Road to Lookout Road
• South 120th Street from Commerce Street to South Boulder Road
• Horizon Avenue from Majestic Drive to Panorama Point
• South 120th Street at Dillon Road
• Spring Valley Road
• Westbound US 36 at McCaslin Boulevard
• Eastbound US 36 at Table Mesa Drive
• SH 157 from US 36 to Pearl Parkway
• US 36 North 95th from Lookout Road to Valmont
• SH 93 from 64th Parkway to SH 128
• Lee Hill Road at Olde Stage Road
• Four Mile Canyon from Boulder Canyon to Poorman
• Bow Mtn Rd from Wagon Wheel Gap to Pine Brook Rd
• 95th from Lookout Road to Valmont Road
• 75th from Jay Road to Valmont Road
• Broadway from Quince to Lee Hill Road
• North 83rd at Yellowstone
• Lookout Rd from North 109th to North 115th
• North 75th from Hygiene Road to St Vrain Road
• Hygiene Road from North 75th to Foothills Parkway
• North 115th from Kenosha to Jaspe
• Highway 7 at MM 24
• Crane Hollow from Hygiene Road to St Vrain Road
• 75th North of Nelson at Coyote Trail
• Intersection of Golf Club and Pebble Beach
• 41st and Oxford Rd
• 39th from Neva to Nebo
• Lefthand Canyon from Foothills Hwy to Peak to Peak
• Sunshine Canyon at Green Rock Dr
• Foothills Hwy from Lefthand Canyon to Neva Rd
• 63rd St from Bluebird to Modina
• Hwy 72 from Skyline to Blue Mountain
• Hwy 66 from North 75th St to Lyons
• North Foothills and Crestview
• Coal Creek Canyon Dr and Hwy 93
• Boulder Canyon mouth of the canyon
• Boulder Canyon from Nederland to Magnolia
• 63rd/61st from Jay Rd to Valmont
• US 36 from Lyons into Larimer County
• Baseline Rd from Chautauqua (Grant Rd) up the canyon
• Linden Rd from Broadway up the canyon
• Sugarloaf at the 600 block
• Left Hand Canyon Rd at Lee Hill
• Four Mile Canyon from Boulder Canyon and Poorman
• Gold Run at Dixon
• Four Mile Canyon North of Boulder Canyon
• Old Tale at McSorley
o 7th and Pleasant
o Spring Valley at Linden
o 2890 Table Mesa
o Arapahoe between 19th and 20th
o Frontage Rd at Baseline and 28th
o Sunnyside Ln and Mariposa
o Arapahoe and Old Tale Rd
o 4th and Hawthorne
o Baseline and Meadowbrook (Eastbound lanes)
o Intersection of Broadway and Arapahoe
o Broadway Bridge
o 9th at Foothills
o Intersection of Broadway and Rosewood
o 5400 block of Cypress Dr
o Intersection of Arapahoe and Foothills
o Intersection of 28th and Spruce
o Intersection of Lookout and Spine
o Intersection of Broadway and Pine
o Intersection of Broadway and Iris
o 300 block of Spruce
o Intersection of 9th and Balsam
o Intersection of 55th and Pearl
o Intersection of 30th and Pearl
o Intersection of 28th and Calmia
o Intersection of Table Mesa and Broadway
o Kalmia at 28th
o Pearl at 55th
o Broadway at Violet
o Balsam at 9th
o Broadway at Pine
o Lookout at Spine
o 3375 North Clover Dr
o 4475 North Broadway
o Arapahoe at 38th
o Juniper at the 500 block
o 75th from Nelson Rd to Hygiene Rd
o Airport Rd between Rogers Rd and 17th Ave
o Hover Rd between Nelson Rd and 9th Ave
o Sunset St between Nelson Rd and 3rd Ave
o Boston Ave between Hover Rd and Price Rd
o Price Rd between 2nd Ave and Boston Rd
o Gay St at 2nd Ave south to Boston Rd
o Bowen St at 2nd Ave, south to Boston Rd
o S. Pratt Parkway, 3rd Ave to Missouri Ave
o Missouri Ave, between Pike St and Main St
o Main St, from 3rd to Ken Pratt Blvd
o Ken Pratt Blvd between 119 and Hover Rd
o 119 at the St Vrain River
o County Road 1 at the St Vrain River
o All roads parallel to the St Vrain River