09/12/2013 Boulder Creek evacuation


An evacuation has been ordered and warning sirens were activated at 10:15 p.m. for all residents along Boulder Creek from the mouth of Boulder Canyon east to Broadway between Marine and Pearl Streets. All residents are warned to go to higher ground immediately due to the potential for flash flooding along the creek.

Residents north of Boulder Creek should move at least to Spruce Street, if not further. Residents south of Boulder Creek should move past Euclid Street.

Residents near Boulder Creek east of Broadway are urged to shelter in place on high ground.

Do not cross Boulder Creek for any reason. Do not drive unless absolutely necessary and avoid driving through flood waters.

Boulder Creek is currently flowing at approximately 4,900 cubic feet per second; almost double the volume from earlier today. There are mudslides at the mouth of Boulder Canyon 400 feet long and 4 feet deep as the sides of the canyon give way due to the saturation from the days long rain. Boulder County officials are worried that the mud and rock slides will clog Boulder Creek, causing water to collect upstream and then release, causing a sudden surge in water volume downstream.